Best Time to Visit Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

17/04/2023 - 09:05  

The island of Phu Quoc is a well-known and popular tourist destination that receives a large number of visitors each year. This location is blessed with a lot of breathtaking natural beauty, including bright sunshine, turquoise-colored blue seas, and white sand coastlines. Phu Quoc island is home to a wide variety of delectable foods and fresh seafood in addition to its poetic landscape. Basically, you don’t need to bother so much about what you can enjoy there as it is a lot. Instead, when is the best time to visit Phu Quoc matters more since the weather does affect a huge deal to your itinerary. To make it clearer, you can read our guide below as a reference.

When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc island ?

1. Overview of Phu Quoc weather

Due to its low latitude, proximity to the sea on all four sides, and the Gulf of Thailand’s location, Phu Quoc’s weather with a tropical monsoon character is perfect for visitors to enjoy all of the attractions. All year round, it can be said that the weather is moderate and cool. The yearly average rainfall is 3,000 millimeters, although in the northern region, it may potentially exceed 4,000 millimeters. There are a lot of hours of sunshine overall each year, however, the average temperature in Phu Quoc usually does not exceed 28 degrees Celsius. 

Just like Ho Chi Minh City, the dry season and the rainy season are the two distinct seasons of Phu Quoc’s climate, each of which has its unique features. Advantageously, because it is not very hot during the summer or too chilly during the winter, the island is a pleasant and alluring tourist destination all year round. So don’t worry, you just need to identify which one is the best time to go to Phu Quoc based on your preference and condition.

2. The dry season in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc’s dry season runs from late October to early April. This is the best season to go sightseeing and engage in other tourist activities because of the pleasant Phu Quoc’s weather.

As a result, there are so many things that you can enjoy while being here during this season. The easiest way to enjoy the weather is to spend a couple of hours sunbathing, sprawling out on the sand at the beach and soaking up the rays. It is fair to state that this is among the most wonderful experiences in Kien Giang Province’s pearl island. No kidding!

Additionally, the dry season is ideal for visiting numerous well-known tourist destinations in Phu Quoc, such as museums, historical sites or island hopping or recreational centers such as Vingroup Entertainment Complex. Although it is normally considered the best time to go to Phu Quoc, this time of year is also Phu Quoc’s peak travel season, so you should expect to see a lot of travelers there. Tourist attractions can be very crowded. Hotels, transportation… are normally highly priced.

3. The rainy season in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc’s rainy season begins at the end of May and lasts until the first few weeks of October. As we approach the middle of the year, Phu Quoc’s temperature starts to soar and gets progressively hotter. The warmest months of the year are May and June, and they are followed by a rising trend in rainfall.

Normally, the island enters its rainy season at the beginning of July, when it actually frequently pours in the late afternoon. The peak months (July to September) saw an average precipitation of 190 mm to 361 mm on Phu Quoc. Although the roads might get muddy and slick, it is still a wonderful morning excursion overall. It’s best to avoid taking on a bike or motorbike ride if you are not accustomed to doing so.

This time of year is characterized by frequent torrential downpours, powerful ocean waves, steady wind, and high humidity. Sure, it is not seemingly the best time to go to Phu Quoc, but if you choose to travel around this time of year by accident or not, you’ll have a lot of exciting adventures. Really! Visiting the local markets, fishing villages, fish sauce factories, or plantations to learn more about local culture or blasting out inside a nearby amusement park for some fun and relaxation is very wonderful.

Another advantage of traveling during the rainy season is the low traffic of tourists. For those who value privacy and quiet, this is the perfect moment. Compared to the dry season, the service cost in the rainy season is significantly lower. What’s more? Even though there is rain, they are usually short so it does not mean that it is going to rain all day. The best tip I can give you is try to be flexible among activities you want to do in this season. That will be more comfortable and less disappointing. 

4. The gap between dry season and rainy season

This is an interesting period of time because it is the transitional gap between the dry season and the rainy season. If you wish to travel to Phu Quoc with your family or friends, another alternative is to do so around this time of the year: October – mid November, April – mid May. At this time, the weather in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, is ideal for all activities. Short pour of rain and cloudy sky are expected but you’ll be able to do everything, whether you decide to stay in the resort, hangout at a local restaurant or lie down on the beach. And guess what, prices are much more reasonable than the peak time in terms of accommodation and transportation.

In a nutshell, the best time to travel to Phu Quoc depends a lot on your purpose and budget. If for a special vacation like honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, dry season may sound like a safe choice because you want it to be perfect and it is fine to pay a little bit more. But if you have a moderate budget and quite go-with-the-flow, you can choose to go in the rainy season or whenever in between two seasons.